Investor Relations

Basic information

Issuer Resaphene Suisse AG
Board of Directors Anke Rauterkus
Share capital 1,100.000 CHF
Number of shares 1,100.000 bearer shares at CHF 1
Year of foundation 2015
Accounting Local GAAP
Collective deposit SIX SIS AG, Baslerstrasse 100, CH-4601 Olten
Commercial Register Number CHE-425.422.997
FISN Resaphene Suis/BrSh CHF 1
ISIN CH0367465439
LEI 8945000JP3FHX87LO121
VAT CHE-425.422.997
VALOR CH036746543
Paying Agent FinTech Group Bank AG, Rotfeder-Ring 7, D-60327 Frankfurt am Main

Financial Calendar

July 2021 General Assembly

Notices to Shareholders
Annual Meeting Protocol Resaphene

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