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Issuer Resaphene Suisse AG
Board of Directors Anke Rauterkus
Share capital 1,100.000 CHF
Number of shares 1,100.000 bearer shares at CHF 1
Year of foundation 2015
Accounting Local GAAP
Collective deposit SIX SIS AG, Baslerstrasse 100, CH-4601 Olten
Commercial Register Number CHE-425.422.997
FISN Resaphene Suis/BrSh CHF 1
ISIN CH0367465439
LEI 8945000JP3FHX87LO121
VAT CHE-425.422.997
VALOR CH036746543
Paying Agent FinTech Group Bank AG, Rotfeder-Ring 7, D-60327 Frankfurt am Main

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Tinnitus: 4 phases until healing in the Tailor-Made Notched Music Training (TMNMT) discovered with tinniwell

The studies in the field of tinnitus research are extremely poor. An article in the Medical Tribune Germany dated November 30, 2019 rightly complains that too little research is being done in the area of ​​tinnitus and that patients feel let down by medicine. A particularly bad testimony is given to cognitive behavioral therapy, which… View Article
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Work on FDA approval of tinniwell started

Roggwil, May 15, 2020 – In order to launch tinniwell in the USA, Resaphene Suisse AG, ISIN CH0367465439, WKN A2JG91, has now officially started the FDA approval project. In the first phase of the project, a regulatory pathway will be created to explore the approval options. Resaphene US LLC in Delaware has been designated as… View Article
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Resaphene Suisse AG announces the cancellation of the securitization of the shares

Roggwil, April 28, 2020 – In May 2020, Resaphene Suisse AG, ISIN CH0367465439, WKN A2JG91, will have the securitization of the shares in sight deposit custody canceled. After the shares have been booked from the custody accounts of the investors, they can request a physical share certificate from the company with the last custody account… View Article
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Resaphene Suisse AG has announced the withdrawal of inclusion in the Vienna MTF at the Vienna Stock Exchange

Roggwil, March 31, 2020 – Resaphene Suisse AG, ISIN CH0367465439, WKN A2JG91, notified the withdrawal of inclusion in the Vienna MTF at the Vienna Stock Exchange on March 30th, 2020 in accordance with § 10 of the conditions for the operation of the Vienna MTF and the last one Trading day will be April 30th,… View Article
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Charité Ethics Committee in Berlin approves study on tinniwell tinnitus therapy

Roggwil, January 21, 2020 – The Charité’s ethics committee has approved the double-blind study on the tinnitus therapy device tinniwell with Resaphene Suisse AG, ISIN CH0367465439, WKN A2JG91. A total of 60 people took part in the study and the head is Prof. Dr. med. Birgit Mazurek commissioned. The results are expected for Q4 /… View Article
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Expansion to North America

In order to launch the Tinniwell in the USA, Resaphene founded the new national company Resaphene US LLC. The responsible director was Thomas Rauterkus. In his area of responsibility is also the approval procedure with the competent authority US Food and Drug Administration.
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Resaphene Suisse AG announces patent on tinniwell

Resaphene Suisse AG was informed after the hearing at the European Patent Office about the forthcoming grant of the patent. As a next step, the Board also expects to complete the patent process in the US. In February 2019, management will introduce tinnitus therapy in the US and drive expansion there. A decision whether a… View Article
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Tinniwell receives patent in the US

The Resaphene has received the patent grant notice from the US Patent Authority. Now the only tinnitus therapy with proof of efficacy on the market in the two target regions Europe and the US is protected.
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Tinniwell is paid by health insurances

Good news for tinnitus patients: The tinnitus therapy device tinniwell is paid by health insurances in Switzerland and Germany. After approval by an expert physician, the tinniwell is already taken over by Helsana and Swica, depending on the tariff of the patients. In Germany, depending on the tariff of the insured person, the full purchase… View Article
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Cooperation with GEHE Pharma Handel

In the future, the group company Resaphene will cooperate with GEHE Pharma Handel in the distribution of the tinnitus therapy device Tinniwell. From August 2018, the Tinniwell will be introduced in the 800 top-selling pharmacies in Germany. In total, GEHE has a network of 7,000 pharmacies that can be reached. This is another step towards… View Article
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Resaphene Suisse AG completes IPO

On 21.06.2018, Resaphene Suisse AG completed its IPO on the Vienna Stock Exchange in the Third Market segment. This step was necessary to give institutional investors the opportunity to invest. The reference price was set at 516.50 euros. This completes the process of changing strategy in the area of ​​financing. This was started in the… View Article
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Test winner: tinniwell convinces in a comparison test of tinnitus therapy systems

In a comparison test of three digital tinnitus therapy systems performed by the health portal, tinniwell was able to beat out the competition of Tinnitracks and Tinnitus Pro. Among other things, the scope of functions, price / performance ratio and service were evaluated. In all relevant areas, tinniwell convinced the testers, also and above all… View Article
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New national company at Resaphene

In order to open up the UK, Ireland and, later, the USA markets for the tinnitus therapy device tinniwell, Resaphene UK Ltd. founded in London. In addition, this country-based venture capital and private equity firm will facilitate an investment in the company, as these investments can be written off in a tax-efficient manner.
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Application observation with tinnitus treatment device tinniwell successfully finished

In the period from October 2016 to July 2017 in the ENT specialist practice of Dr. med. Johannes Ebbers informed all patients with chronically decompensated tinnitus about the “Tinniwell” treatment device and invited to participate in the application observation. All patients underwent an oto-neurological examination using ear microscopy, tone threshold audiometry, videonystagmography, oriented clinical-neurological examination,… View Article
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Sonja Dinnebier

"With tinniwell my tinnitus has almost completely disappeared. The combination of music and warmth is great, because it not only drowns out the noise, but the warmth in particular ensures relaxation and balance. "

Karin Baldauf

"The tinniwell is a great invention for people who suffer from tinnitus. For me more quality of life again. "