Increasing the inear temperature shows a clear effect


Egnach, August 15, 2023 – In the new tinniwell series, the maximum temperature of the in-ear headphones has been increased by 3 degrees. It has now been observed in daily practice that patients go through the 4-phase model more quickly. This is structured as follows:

Phase 1: Tinnitus gets louder

Phase 2: Tinnitus goes away

Phase 3: Tinnitus partially disappears during the day

Phase 4: Tinnitus disappears at night

Very many reach phase 3 after just 6 weeks. The reason for this is the improvement in blood flow in two brain regions (in the precuneus and in the cingulate cortex). This has already been proven in a study by the University of Illinois and the positive therapy results confirm that tinnitus can only be cured by combining heat and music therapy.

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Tinniwell fits very well into my everyday life. It can be used almost anywhere and is also a good companion when traveling due to its handy size. My tinnitus has completely disappeared from my left ear. My quality of life has improved significantly. I’m rarely irritable and much more relaxed.

Lisa Neumeier

I am a trainee and have been suffering from ear noises for about a year. However, since I am only 18 years old, I could not and did not want to accept that this tone will remain for the rest of my life. Then I learned about tinniwell from a friend and tried it out directly.

After the first week of therapy, I was able to sleep again, relax and work fully again at my training place. 6 weeks after the first application, I can deal with my tinnitus very well, because it is about 40% quieter than before the therapy.

Anna Bergmann


After four days I no longer had a whistle in my right ear, the left ear then continued for another two weeks until there was an improvement.

I am so happy now that tinniwell has given me a better quality of life. I sleep through again, can now devote myself more to my family and I have more energy for my independence.

Jonny Denaro


I can recommend this holistic effective world first, to every tinnitus sufferer. Thank you again for the excellent and friendly service.

Werner Eisele

Sonja Dinnebier

"With tinniwell my tinnitus has almost completely disappeared. The combination of music and warmth is great, because it not only drowns out the noise, but the warmth in particular ensures relaxation and balance. "

Karin Baldauf

"The tinniwell is a great invention for people who suffer from tinnitus. For me more quality of life again. "

Werner Eisele

"I can recommend this holistic effective world first, to every tinnitus sufferer. Thank you again for the excellent and friendly service. "